Wiki Whisperer Review- Find Expired Domains With Wikipedia Backlinks On AutoPilot

Wiki Whisperer-Wiki Whisperer Review- How to Find Domains w/ Backlinks From Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most powerful and respected websites on the internet. Just think about it, for almost any internet search you do, if there are authority sites present in the top ten search results, it is likely that Wikipedia is one of the top three. Today in this Wiki Whisperer review I will show you the easiest way to find expired domains with powerful back links from Wikipedia on autopilot.

What Is Wiki Whisperer?

Wiki Whisperer is an automated domain finder that extracts expired domains from high authority Wikipedia pages. This is a desktop software tool created by a seasoned video marketing expert and software developer named Cliff Carrigan.

How Does Wiki Whisperer Work?

Wiki Whisperer is very simple to setup. Once you open the application you are only required to enter Moz credentials (free account) and your license key that is provided to you upon purchase. Once your project settings are entered, you will be able to run the software on the main screen. Here you are given two options.

  1. Search For Expired Domains by Keyword
  2. Search For Expired Domains By Metrics

If you decide to search for expired domains by keyword, Wiki Whisperer will attempt to search Wikipedia pages directly related to the keywords entered into the system. If you search by metrics,  it will randomly search a huge chunk of Wikipedia pages for any available expired domains it can find that meet the requirements in the filter options you select. If you decide to leave all three filters alone (set to lowest level 1), the tool will return the most results it can find from the wiki pages it choose to analyze.

Here Are The Three Filter Options You Can Choose From

-Wikipedia Page Authority ( 1 to 100 Scale)

-Expired Domain Page Authority (1 to 100 Scale)

-Expired Domain Authority ( 1 to 100 Scale)

Wiki Whisperer Review And Demo Video


What Can I Expect In Terms Of Results With Wiki Whisperer?

My favorite way to use this tool so far is to run it using the metrics only feature and leave all three filters on 1. This tells it to go out and pull back everything you can find from whatever chunk of wiki pages you choose. For this particular run, I waited about 45 minutes and the tool came back with a list of around 105 expired domains. The domain authority ranged from 1 to 19 and the page authority ranged from 1 to 26.

I also used it to search for niche specific keywords, in most cases it would return 3-5 domains depending on how many keywords I put into the system (most of the time around 5 keywords).

What Are The Cons Of Wiki Whisperer?

As mentioned above, depending on the number of keywords you put into the system or how specific you set your filters, Wiki Whisperer can take quite a while to return results (30 to 45 minutes) and sometimes when it does it may not be as many quality domains as you would have hoped for. If you run a query for let’s say 15 keywords in your niche and the tool comes back with only a few results and none of them pass your sniff test, you may feel like you just wasted 45 minutes of your life.

What Are The Pros Of Wiki Whisperer?

Wiki Whisperer is literally a set and forget tool that has the ability to find amazing domains with massive authority. The best part about it is, these are domains that 85% of your competition will never be able to find. This means you have the ability to out rank them for even the most competitive keywords that SEO agency with large budgets rank for. Even if it takes a good 5 searches to find the domain you are looking for once you find it, it will open the door to a ton of opportunities.

How Much Does Wiki Whisperer Cost?

The price for Wiki Whisperer ranges from $17 to $47 during the first few days of the launch. There are four versions to choose from. The functionality in all 4 versions are the same, the only difference is the number of credits that comes with the tool. That’s right, this tool runs on a credits based system. Each time you run the tool it uses 1 credit.

  1. Silver Edition ($17)- 100 credits
  2. Gold Edition($27) -250 credits
  3. Platinum Edition ($37) – 500 credits
  4. Enterprise Edition($47)- 1000 credits

Are There Any One Time Offers For Wiki Whisperer?


How Can I Make Money With Wiki Whisperer?

Wiki Whisperer comes with a simple to understand tutorial that also shows you 4 different methods you can use with these domains to start generating income very quickly. I would personally recommend selling these domains on a website like Fiverr or SEO Clerks. You could also use them to rank pretty much whatever you want.

Where Can I Buy Wiki Whisperer?

Click Here To Buy Wiki Whisperer

Wiki Whisperer Bonuses

If you purchase Wiki Whisperer through my affiliate I will provide you with my exact blueprint on how I rank videos and websites. This blueprint will go perfect with your new powerful domains you find using the tool.

If you are wondering if you can do this process manually, you sure can but it is a lot of work. Check out a tutorial article from Matthew Woodward on how to find these expired domains with backlinks from Wikipedia manually

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