Master Shorty Review and Demonstrations

Master Shorty is a easy to use bulk Google Url Shortener with additional unique features making it a must have for all marketers. This tool was recently released by video marketing expert Cliff Carrigan on 30 October 2016. In this Master Shorty review I will be discussing the features, cost and showing you a quick Master Shorty Demo.

Master Shorty Review Video


Master Shorty Main Features

master shorty review



master shorty review and demo

  1. Bulk Google Url Shortener

Master Shorty is a very straight forward tool. All you need to do is drop a list of urls on the left hand side where it says enter urls here.  Next you press the run program button and in about 3 minutes, the tool returns a list of matching google url shortener links.

2. Stealth Url Shortener Link Decoder

Once you have a list of shortened urls, you drop in any one of them into the small box to the bottom right and click decode, once you do this Master Shorty will tell expose the link behind the short code.


master shorty decode results

3. Url Duplicator (Up to 250)

Master Shorty also include a url duplicator that allows you to shorten and create up to 250 url shortener links for the same url.

master shorty link duplicator4. Keyword HTML Link Generator

Master Shorty also allows you to drop in a list of keywords and merge them with your new shortened urls and makes them into clickable keyword html links as shown below.

master shorty html generator 1


master shotry html generator 2

When you copy the html links from the clipboard to a webpage, it comes out like what you see below.

Master Shorty Review Video
Master Shorty Review Playlist
Top 5 Url Shorteners Video
Master Shorty Review On Weebly

You may notice the keywords used in the images example are different then that you see on this post, but only to make sure the keywords embedded here were relevant to this master shorty review.

How Much Does Shorty Master Cost?

Master Shorty can be purchased for only $8 during the launch period. I anticipate the price rising significantly in the near future based on previous products Cliff has released in the past.

Are There Any One Time Offers?

Master Shorty comes with the option to buy reseller rights or master resellers rights. These are the only two additional offers.

How Can I Make Money With This Tool?

  1. Sell Url Shortening Services
  2. Sell Bulk Html Link Creation Services
  3. Sell Url Duplication Services
  4. Buy the reseller rights and sell it as your own
  5. Build a list of subscribers and promote related products
  6. Use Url Shortener link juice to rank your own websites and videos

These are just a FEW of the many ways you can use this tool to make money online. If you decide to purchase Master Shorty through my affiliate link, I will conduct a skype session with you to further explain profitable ways to get paid using a tool like this.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Master Shorty Review.


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