Mailit Review-Is Mailit The Email Marketing Solution?

An Honest Mailit Review with Pros And Cons

Welcome to another internet marketing product review. Today I will be discussing a new emailing marketing management wordpress plugin called Mailit. If you have not heard anything about it yet it is just a matter of time. Considering that majority of the internet marketers out there with decent size lists have recently been experiencing more inconsistencies in terms of email open rates with third party email providers like Aweber, Getresponse and Mail Chimp, the release of Mailit could not have been better timed.

Is Mailit Good Enough To Replace Aweber, Getresponse Or Mail Chimp

This question can only be answered in the time to come, but now for let’s discuss everything we currently know about this email marketing plugin and I will let you decide if you think it has what it takes to compete with the big dogs. First off, I will tell you in terms of cost, Mailit blows all other major third party email service providers out of the water. It is a one time cost of $37.

If you are currently using Aweber, after the $1 trial period expires, you automatically start paying around $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers. As your list continues to grow your monthly expense gradually increase. This simply mean purchasing Mailit will allow you to fully recoup the one time investment cost in about 2 months and every month after that you are now able to put that extra money back into your pocket.

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Does Mailit Improve Open and Click Thru Rates?

Based on this mail it case study video posted by Brett Rutecky, you can clearly see a dramatic increase in openness and click thru rates in comparison to Aweber. In fact, these results inspired Brett to move his entire list to the Mailit plugin system. So yes I would say it does certainly help if used properly. So what do I not like about Mailit?

Cons Of Mailit

Ok so if I am being completely honest, there are a few things about the plugin that I just flat out did not like. First off, Mailit is a wordpress plugin so it requires you to have a wordpress website. Not everyone owns a website, domain or hosting. However I took this one with a grain of salt because buying a domain, getting hosting and installing wordpress is really not a lot of work.

Con 2, while Brett indicates your IP address will not be banned once you start blasting out emails, there is always a possibility this could happen, especially for people who will not take the time to follow the directions. There is a small period of time once you start using it, you need to warm up your IP address before sending out emails to a ton of subscribers. This extra step increases the possibility for user error.

Lastly, there is no pre-scheduling function that allows you to schedule out all of your emails in advance. Depending on where you are in your IM career, this can be a huge inconvenience. If you have a smaller list or are fairly new to list building, this may not be a deal breaker for you. No matter what your experience level is, the bottom line is that Mailit does it exactly what it says it will do and for the price you really can not beat it if you are looking for a new email management service provider.

Whether or not Mailit is right for you, ultimately only you can decide. If you are interested in buying it, click the huge image of it below to get started. Thanks for much for stopping by to check out my mailit review.


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