Autonars Review- Using Webinars To Create New Income Streams

Webinars have been around for many years and continue to be one of the most effective ways to virtually host presentations and training for multiple groups of people at the same time. Not to mention, they also provide convenience for your attendees since they can be watched from the comfort of their home or they can tune in on the go using a smart phone or tablet.

Now, while this all sounds well and good, conducting a webinar yourself can pose many challenges if you do not know what you are doing. If someone tasked you with conducting a webinar right now, these are few tough questions you’d have to consider:

  1. What Should You Talk About to Ensure You Webinar Is Interactive and Informative?
  2. What Are You Going To Sell or Promote?
  3. What Webinar Platform Will You Use?
  4. How Much Will The Webinar Platform Cost?
  5. How Will You Get Attendees To Sign Up?
  6. How Can You Host A Webinar At A Time That Is Convenient For Everyone?

Just thinking about this list alone is overwhelming, BUT what if there was a way to make things a lot simpler? A way you could setup a webinar one time and allow people to access it morning, noon or night with little to no effort?

Today I want to talk to you about a software called Autonars that takes a lot of the challenges mentioned above away while helping increase your potential to earn recurring income from automated webinars. This product wont be for everyone, but certainly can benefit a LOT of people depending on what your end goal is.

What Is Autonars?

Autonars is an automated cloud based webinar software created by Brett Retucky and Mike Thomas aka Mike From Maine. It is designed to help you conduct live or live like webinars with your target audience on autopilot once it is setup. This product will be available for purchase 15 June at 10 am EST.

How Does Autonars Work?

In order to conduct a webinar with Autonars, the user would simply start by

  1.  Pressing the create new campaign button and assigning a name to it
  2. Now it’s time to decide if you want to use one of the pre built webinars (2 built in webinars) or proceed to create a new one. If you want to use a prebuilt webinar you would select if from the menu and all the data populates the form by itself.
  3. New campaigns require you to fill out the details on each form and your webinar is all setup

The Autonars platform runs using YouTube videos, so you will need to grab the video code of the YouTube video you want to use for your webinar.

Autonars Demo Video


What Are The Main Features?

-Cloud Based- This means it does not require any downloads and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

-Easy To Setup-Autonars is very easy to setup and includes very easy to follow training videos. You can setup a webinar in 5 to 10 mins.

-No Monthly Fees- If you purchased the software during the first few days of the launch you will avoid any monthly fees if the product creators decide to switch to a monthly pricing model.

-Includes 2 Done For You Automated Webinars

-Allows you to respond to attendees questions via email or directly to them through the webinar platform.

-Gnerates sign up links, tracks attendees, integrates with your favorite autoresponder and provides a webinar replay link

Who Is Autonars Designed For?

According to the product vendors, Autonars is designed for anyone looking to make additional income by driving traffic to webinars. Personally I think this platform is best for current or aspiring product creators that would like to add webinars into the back end of their sales funnel or builda list on the fly.

Can you benefit from Autonars even if you are not a product creator? Absolutely! Non product creators can use this software to drive traffic to pre-done webinars that pay affiliate commissions on each sale. You could also watch other peoples videos and create you own training webinars from those.

How Much Is Autonars?

F/E : Autonars ($34.95 – $67)

Full featured automated webinar platform with 2 done for you webinars provided.

OTO 1: Autonars Pro ($67)

4 more done for you webinars, 100% commissions on all the products in the done for you webinars

OTO 2: 4 Week Live Training ($47)

4 Weeks of live coaching on how to get traffic and make money with Brett and Mike.

OTO 3: Agency Access ($97, $147, $197)

Reseller rights to sell Autonars as your own product with everything done for you (hosting, sales page, even updates and support)

What I Don’t Like About Autonars?

Autonars requires YouTube videos to run the webinars. A user can click out of the webinar platform and watch or download your video directly from YouTube. For me this is not a dealbreaker, but experienced marketers will be able to tell the webinar you are hosting is not live. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if the webinar is live, it’s more about the value you provide in the video.

What Do I Like About Autonars?

Autonars provides an easy way to put your training or coaching video directly in front of your target audience. I really like the fact I can send visitors to a training video via a signup link and have them watch whether its morning noon or night. Having the ability to track signups, communicate with them through the platform on the fly and promote my offers at the same time is going to an another element of success to my business. This will automate list building and so much more.

Overall, I think this is a very effective tool you can benefit from if you use it properly especially considering it is a one time cost.  If you are brand new to internet marketing I would recommend taking some time to learn your craft before trying to create webinars or take advantage of the two pre built webinars that come with the tool.

Keep in mind, you can always go on YouTube and use other peoples videos for your webinar then send them to your affiliate link afterwards, but it is recommended you make your own videos.

Click The Image Below To Buy Autonars!

Autonars Review and bonus


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10X Your Authority with EZ Live Stream Training

EZ Live Stream Training Review

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing public speaker and internet marketing consultant Chris Gloss about his new training course called EZ Live Stream training.  Unless you have been under a rock for the last year or so you know streaming live on YouTube and Facebook is hotter than ever.  These two social media platforms allow you to quickly reach hundreds or thousands of people absolutely free, but all this free traffic is useless unless you know how to quickly grab the viewers attention and keep them engaged.

A simple way around this problem is utilizing the power of live streaming and green screen to completely transform your background and brand you as the AUTHORITY in your niche.

Quiz time, If I was doing a live stream on Facebook or running an Facebook Ad, which video would you be more likely to stop and take a listen to?

ez live strea

Now I could be completely wrong, but my gut tells me you would be more inclined to click the video with the Lenny’s Net Market logo in the background instead of the one with the plain gray background. I learned how to put my logo in the background of my videos while live streaming from taking Chris’s training course.

Check Out My EZ Live Stream Training Interview

Here is a little more information about what you can expect to get from the front end training.

  1. Basic Equipment Requirements
  2. Lighting Blueprint
  3. 100% Free Studio Software for Live Streaming On YouTube, Facebook or other platforms
  4. Studio Software Setup (Set it up once and your are completely done!)
  5. How to configure Facebook for live streaming
  6. How to go live in a Facebook group
  7. How to go live on a Facebook Fan Page
  8. How to mass syndicate your live stream across many Facebook Pages (BONUS)
  9. Where to find the BEST stock images for your backgrounds (BONUS)
  10. Super Cool Video Timers For Your Videos (BONUS)
  11. Members Only Membership Portal
  12. Members Only Facebook Support Group

What are the OTOs?

OTO 1 is the monthly template club for just $17.99. This comes with Done For You templates you can further use to enhance the quality of your videos

OTO 2 is Done for You Setup where Chris will literally get on a virtual call and help tell you exactly where all your equipment and everything else needs to go in order to get things perfect!

OTO 3 is on site Done for you setup where Chris and his team will come to your location and help you get setup personally.

I was able to twist Chris’s arm and get him to throw in a special bonus for anyone that decides to purchase EZ Live Stream training here today. Chris is designing custom done for you template at the same quality he offers in the monthly template club just for my Lenny’s Net Market followers.

Here is the kicker, EZ Live Stream Training goes on sale Friday June 9th 2017. During the first 5 days of the launch you can get it for $47, after the 5 day launch period the price will rise to $97. If you are even remotely interested in this product, I would recommend you pick it up as soon as it goes on sale so you do not miss out.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can use the links below to check out the training and the upsells

Get EZ Live Stream Training Here

Monthly Template Club

Done For You Special

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Board Commander Suite Review and Bonus-Does It Really Work?

Board Commander Review By Stefan Ciancio, Mike Thomas aka Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky
Launches 23 April at 10 EST (4 Day Launch)
Sign Up For The Pre Launch Webinar 100% FREE

Click The Image Below To Buy Board Commander

Buy Board Commander

Board Commander Review- What Is It?

Board Commander is a two in one software tool and high quality training course that will teach you exactly how to get free targeted traffic, leads and sales on autopilot using a completely untapped social media traffic source also known as Pinterest. The product creator shows you step by step how they drive over 12k visitors each day wherever they want 100% free. The Board Commander Software goes hand in hand with the training that allows you to tap into the secret sauce of Pinterest.

How Much Does Board Commander Cost?

The front end price for board commander is anticipated to start off at $37 and gradually rise in $10 increments over the 4 days of the launch.

Does Board Commander Suite Have Any One Time Offers (OTOs)?

Yes, Board Commander comes with 3 OTOs. A summary of each OTO can be found below.

OTO 1 ($67) is Unlimited Board Commander Accounts– When you purchase the Front End for $37, it only allows you to use the software with one account however if you decide to upgrade and pickup this offer you will have the ability to use the tool with an unlimited number of accounts. The thought process goes a little something like this. If you were able to generate let’s say 13K visitors per month with one Pinterest account, just imagine what you could do if you repeated the same process with another 5-10 accounts!
In addition to unlimited account usage, buying OTO1 also provides you with FULL Developer Rights.

Board Commander OTO 2 ($97) 100% Reseller Rights For The Software– This option provides you with a chance to basically become an instant product creator. Let’s be honest for a second, most people are not willing to put in the time, money or effort involved to create and maintain a quality piece of software. OTO2 gives you the ability to sell the Board Commander tool as your own product and keep all the profits to yourself. The best part about it is, you will never have to worry about keeping it updated or maintained because the product creators are going to provide lifetime support.

OTO 3 ($37) The Board Commander Graphics Suite– OTO3 features a high quality graphics editor that you can use to find, edit and produce stunning images that are ideal for posting to your Pinterest Boards. All the images are built right into the platform making and it is very easy to use. If you are currently paying a designer or virtual assistant to create your images, this OTO a no brainer.

What Will You Like About Board Commander?

Board Commander is a very straight forward and easy to use software that automates the flow of non stop targeted traffic to your money sites. It does not take long to setup, and you can start seeing results in a matter of days. The tool comes with video instructions and a complementary training on how to monetize the traffic. For the price and the value, the Board Commander Suite is a great deal.

What Will You Not Like About Board Commander?

To be honest I did not have a lot of negative things to say about the outside the fact that not everyone is into Pinterest. In addition, while it is advertised this tool and training will work in any niche. I would imagine there are going to be some niches that just not perform well even if you follow the instructions properly. For example, if you were trying to promote a product about Toe Nail Fungus, I seriously doubt this is something people are going to be proud to share and repin.

Is Board Commander Newbie Friendly?

Yes, if you know how to setup a Pinterest account and you can follow basic directions, implementing the training should not be a challenge for you.

Why Should I Buy Board Commander?

Board Commander is specially designed for marketers of all skill levels, but if you ask me why you should buy it, I would tell you because it teaches you how to drive an ULIMITED about of FREE Traffic where ever you want. Did I mention the Traffic was FREE?
If you are currently paying for traffic or just not getting any at all, this is a perfect way to either cut some expenses or start making some profits. Secondly, buying the OTO 2 gives you a chance to resell this product as your own and keep all that profits. You could literally use the training to drive traffic to your sales page to resell the software. How cool is that?

Board Commander Main Features

  • Cloud Based- This means you can access the tool from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You do not need to download any clunky software that will take up more space or your hard drive.
  • Automated Tool- Once you setup the parameters, Board Commander is going to run for you non stop. It is completely automated. It is like having a team of Pinterest virtual assistants working for you all at once.
  • Monetization Training- What good would the tool be if you didn’t know how you can use it to turn all that free traffic in to leads and sales? The tool comes with the training that helps bring everything all together for you.
  • User Friendly- Board Commander is designed to be very easy to use and operate meaning users of all skills levels will be able to get it up and running in no time.
  • Real Case Studies- The course comes with proven case studies from real people just like you and me. This course is 100% backed by proof from many trusted marketers, but just to make the deal even better they included a 14 day money back guarantee.

Board Commander Demo (Coming Soon)

Additional Ways To Make Money Online With Board Commander?

  • Setup a Pinterest Traffic Network and Sell Traffic To Customers
  • Setup a Pinterest Network and Sell the network with the tool as an upsell
  • Dominate Affiliate Launches With The Free Traffic From Pinterest
  • Drive All The Traffic To A Landing Page and Collect Leads

Board Commander Bonuses (Coming Soon)

First off, I hope you enjoyed my Board Commander review. Now check out the Board Commander bonuses you will get when you buy it here.

Still Not Sure If Board Commander Is Right For You? Join the prelaunch webinar with the product creators one hour before the course goes live. This event is 100% free and gives you a chance to check out the tool first hand for yourself.
Board Commander Pre Launch Webinar- Sign Up Below

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Pullii Review and Best Bonuses Online

Pullii By Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko

Today, I will reviewing a new product called Pullii. It goes on sale March 25th @10AM EST. In this Pullii Review I will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to decide whether or not Pullii is a good fit for you. After checking out the Pullii review, if you decide to purchase it here, I will provide you with the BEST Pullii bonuses you will find online. Pullii Bonuses can be found at the bottom of this review.

What Is Pullii?

Pullii is a two part passive income generating system that consists of a case study and a training system. The case study reveals how Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko were able to create Pullii Magnets that bring in a minimum of $330 a week in profits and a ton of targeted traffic to their websites on a daily basis. In addition to the case study, Pullii comes with easy to understand training videos that teach you how to setup the system so you can duplicate the product creators efforts and finally start making some money online.

Each and every day new products are launched, but it is very rare that you will find a training course that comes with PROOF. Not only monetary proof, but traffic proof as well. Once you learn how to build a Pullii magnet, you will be able to rinse and repeat the process as many times as you would like. There is NO limit to the amount of properties you can setup and this can work in almost any niche. So if you are looking for a passive income generating system that is proven to work,

Pullii Review

Click Here To Get Pullii At The Early Bird Price On March 25th At 10am EST And Get My Exclusive Limited Time Offer Bonuses

How Does The Pulli System Work?

Pullii utilizes a 100% free traffic source that you will likely be familiar with, but probably never used it the way it has been taught in this course. The system is basically three steps.

  • Set Up Your Pullii Magnet
    • Course Teaches How To Setup and Optimize It
    • Will require a WordPress Website (FREE) and Hosting (Roughly $9 per month)
      • If you are not techie, website setup can be outsourced to Fiverr for ($6) but Stefan walks you through how to set it up in the course (very simple work)
  • Set Up The Pullii Traffic System
    • Course Teaches You How To Setup The System
  • Implement The Monetization Strategies
    • Several Strategies Provided In The Training

Main Features Of Pullii Training

How Much Does Pullii Cost?

The Early Bird price for Pullii will be $13.95, but will quickly start rising just hours after the launch goes live. The launch is going to be a 4 day period and after this time, the price will rise sharply to $37.

Does Pullii Really Work?

Check out some of the proof Stefan and Greg are showing from their real accounts! Look at how recent the dates are as well.

What Are The Pullii OTOs?

Here is a breakdown of the Pullii One Time Offers.

  • OTO1 ($27) In addition to the case studies provided with the main course, OTO 1 comes with additional case studies with more income proof, even more monetization strategies and tips on how to help you get even more results faster.
  • OTO 2 ($67) is 16 top of the line Done For You (DFY) viral blogging site templates with content already loaded so you can get traffic and start making some money without having to start from scratch.
  • OTO3 ($37) is another DFY package that includes niche research, article content, more monetization strategies and other tips regular front end buyers will not have access to.

Why Should You Consider Buying Pullii?

  • Proven System With Step By Step Training Easy Enough For Even The Newest Marketer To Implement
  • Passive Income Generation System That Is Easily Repeatable
  • Can Be Outsourced
  • Training Is Easy To Understand
  • It Actually Works!

What Won’t You Like About The Pullii System?

  • The Course Is 100% Video Training And May Not Cater to Everyone’s Learning Style
  • Can Take A Week Or Two To See Dramatic Increase In Traffic Or Earnings If Starting From Scratch
  • My Bonuses Will Help Solve Both Of These Problems

What Are The Pulli Bonuses?

For Anyone That Buys The Pullii Front End Course (Limited To First 25 Buyers), You will get:

  • My Full Step By Step PDF Summary Quick Reference Guide that summarizes all the important points from the video training. It is a very well written 24 page PDF guide that saves you all the trouble of having to watch the training videos over and over again if you forget something. In addition you will be able to download the PDF guide and read it as you go through the videos. Doing this has been proven to help people digest information better than just reading or watch videos alone.

For Anyone That Buys The Pullii Front End Course And ANY One of the OTOs

In addition to the Quick Reference Guide mentioned above, I will provide you with killer strategy to use another free traffic source to dramatically speed up the Pullii system! These buyers will also get a $5 coupon to either one of my courses as well Tube Rank Explosion Or Affiliate Takeover.

All you have to do to claim your bonuses is send proof of purchase (PayPal receipt) to and I will send the bonuses over to you right away.

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YouTube Ads Mastery-Best YouTube Ads Training Course Online?

YouTube Ads Mastery by Adam Payne

YouTube Ads Mastery is a step by step over the shoulder YouTube Ads Training Course designed to teach you how to reach your target audience through the use of paid advertising on YouTube. Why should you care about cheap targeted traffic from YouTube? Here are a few quick facts about YouTube that should quickly grab your attention.

-Every Minute More Than 100 Hours Of Video Are Uploaded To YouTube
-YouTube Has Over 1 Billion Users, Almost one-third of all people on the internet
-YouTube Receives Over 5 Billion Daily Views

Not to mention when people are on YouTube they are already searching for something. Maybe it’s a method, tutorial, movie, song, or some good advice on a subject they not familiar with. The point is, people are in need of something and if you are able to put the solution in front of them, you can quickly capitalize on the opportunity!

Let’s face it, no matter your experience level we have all struggled at some people to get our website, video, product or service in front of the right people at the right time. Using YouTube is a great way to accomplish this task, especially since you can literally get views on your YouTube video for as little as one cent per view. Can you imagine being able to put your video on the first page of YouTube for popular terms like make money online or weight loss at a fraction of the cost that you would pay using Google’s Pay Per Click program?

Click The Image Below To Check Out YouTube Ads Mastery When It Launches on March 11 @10am EST

Adam Paynes YouTube Ads Mastery

What Am I Going To Get With YouTube Ads Mastery?

High Quality Over The Shoulder Training Videos on pretty much everything there is to know about YouTube Ads to include:

-How To Properly Setup YouTube Ads From Scratch

-How To Find Your Target Audience

-How To Write Copy For Scripts That CONVERT

-How To Re-target Potential Buyers

-So Much More

How Much Does YouTube Ads Mastery Cost?

YouTube Ads Mastery is will start at $47, but the price will continue to rise throughout the first three days of the launch. After day three the price of the course will be $97 so get in early before the price increase. There are no OTOs with this course.

Check Out My YouTube Ads Mastery Review

YouTube Ads Mastery Pros

This is an all around great course. The videos are in small enough chunks that they viewer can digest them without being overwhelmed. Adam covers everything you need to know so even a brand new person would feel comfortable following the training in this course.

YouTube Ads Mastery Cons

To be honest I really do not have any complaints about this course.

Buy YouTube Ads Mastery

If you would like to purchase YouTube Ads Mastery, you can Click The Image Below To Be Taken To The Sales Page


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Local Lead Beast Review And Bonuses

Local Lead Beast by Ray Lane, Vick Carty and Dexter Paglinawan

Local Lead Beast is a simple to use software that provides offline marketers with an easy way to quickly find clients in their chosen niche. In this Local Lead Beast Review you will learn everything you need to know about it in order to decide whether or not it is right for you. Be sure to check out the bonuses before you leave!

Click Here To Buy Local Lead Beast On February 5th @9am Eastern Standard Time (You Will Receive Your Bonuses Shortly After Purchase)

Local Lead Beast By Ray Lane

How Does Local Lead Beast Work?

Local Lead Beast is so easy, my 96 year old grandmother could use it. Seriously, all you have to do is type a local business niche and location into the search bar and instantly you get access to the contact information for any companies that offer that particular service. For example, if you were to type in the keywords “plumber in Washington, DC” you would be provided with the email address, website,  phone number and Facebook pages of any businesses in DC that are identified as a local plumber in the DC area.

After doing so, the intent would be for you to visit some of the sites, contact the owner and see if they would be interested in hiring you to do SEO, video marketing, or social media services. I know exactly what you must be thinking!

That sounds cool Lenny, but I do not know what to say to the company owner once I reach out, and how would I know what to charge? What if I don’t know SEO or how to create and rank videos? The course teaches you a strategy that includes what to say and what to charge! You can the services anything and I am a video marketer that can teach you how to Rank! Problems solved!

If you were ever thinking about offering getting into local marketing, this tool makes it super simple. Check out my review and demo video below to see the tool in action.

Local Lead Beast Review and Demo (Video Coming Soon)

How Much Does Local Lead Beast Cost?

The price for local lead best will range from $17 to $27. If you are thinking about purchasing it, you will save the most money by purchasing it earlier during the launch period.

What Are The Local Lead Best One Time Offers (OTOs)?

Local Lead Beast has 3 OTO’s, but to be honest I did not have access so I do not have much information about them. I can tell you the anticipated prices though and they go as follows.

OTO 1 ranges from $27 to $37

OTO 2 starts at around $49 per month

OTO 3 is $197

Local Lead Beast Pros

This is an online tool that can be accessed from anywhere has long as you have an internet connection. It comes with:

-20 Done For You Professional Local Marketing Videos (20 Different Niches)

-350 Professional Quality Graphics

-Email Swipes to Help You Get Clients

-Video Training That Includes How To Use The Tool And A Strategy On How To Recruit Clients

The tool itself is easy to use and can help you quickly identify potential clients that would love to hire you to generate leads for their business.

Local Lead Beast Cons

The training videos that come with Local Lead Beast provide you with a strategy and email swipes on that you can send to potential clients in order to start earning income very quickly. The only problem with it is, the email swipes are sort of tied to one or two niches and aren’t the best. However, no need to worry about this, if you decide to buy the course here you will get access to my local lead script that converts very well.

Local Lead Beast Bonuses

If you Buy Local Lead Beast here, you are going to get several exclusive bonuses.

  1. A Local Lead Generation Script that you can copy, paste and edit. This script has been proven to pull in clients day in and day out. It is well written and will get your foot in the door so you can quickly get your first deal going.
  2. A Local Video Script For Your YouTube Videos that will help your YouTube videos rank for MANY keywords in your niche. Simply drop this description into your YouTube Video description and edit it to make it relevant to your niche. I personally have use this template in many niches and seen great results.
  3. $5 Off Discount Code For My Video Ranking Course Called Tube Rank Explosion– This course was created by Adam Payne, Gary Alach and myself. It won product of the day on JV Zoo and members have nothing but positive things to say about it.

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Live Site Backup Review-Never Lose Your Content Again!

Live Site Backup by Cliff Carrigan

Every once in a while you hear a webmaster go on a rant about losing their website due to some “freak issue” and you think to yourself that sucks, but you never learn from it or make any effort to do anything about it for yourself.  The next thing you know your site gets hacked and now you have lost everything or maybe your YouTube channel gets shut down and now you are trying to remember what videos you had on your account.

Click Here To Get Your Copy Of Live Site Backup When It Goes Live On 26 Jan 2017

The moral of the story is “Sh$T Happens” and if you are not regularly performing some type of live back up of your web content, it is the equivalency of going to Vegas and betting everything on red or black. It’s a big risk and if you are serious about your business, you really can’t afford to take it.  Luckily, there is an affordable solution that you can you can use to solve the issue in a matter of minutes.

Live Site Backup is the latest released by Cliff Carrigan and it is literally one of the easiest and fastest ways to get live backups of a website or YouTube channel.  In this Live Site Backup Review I am going to give you a quick run down on how it works.

Live Site Backup Standard Vs. Pro Version

Live Site Backup comes in two versions, ($27) pro and ($17) standard. The only major differences between standard and pro are the following

($27) Pro Version includes:

  1. URl Extractor
  2. Scheduler- Run everything 30 days

What does this mean? If you are using the standard version and you want to get a live backup of every page on your website you will need to simply drop in all the urls from each page on the site and drop it in the form.

If you are using the Pro version there is a tool called URL extractor where you simply drop in your domain name ( and it will automatically extract all the pages for you.

In addition as mentioned above, the pro version also allows you to schedule live back ups on a recurring basis, so for example if you want to automatically backup your site every 30 days the system will do it for you automatically.

Does Live Site Backup Work With Videos and Other Files?

According to Cliff, the Live Site Backup tool works with YouTube Videos, PDFs and video Files. I personally could not get it to work with PDFs but had no issues with websites and YouTube Videos.

Here is an example of the url it generates if I was using it to perform a live backup on a YouTube Video

What Else Can You Do With Live Site Backup?

Everyone is always looking for opportunities to make money online right? You could literally have a new fiverr gig up and running today performing this live backup service for people.

Or if you are an SEO ninja, this could be a great new way to get free backlinks to your website. I have not tested it out yet, but I’d imagine if you send some backlinks to the link it would pass some link juice and authority through to the site you are performing a live backup on.

What are the Pros of Live Site Backup?

It’s fast, it’s easy to use and it works great. The price is really affordable and it will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

What are the Cons Of Live Site Backup?

Well, most people won’t know how to retrieve the files and that’s the only con, but really you don’t need too. All you would have to do is copy the content off the screen and paste it into a new blog post.

If I know Cliff like I think I do, the price of Live Site Backup will not remain the same for long. Go ahead and pickup your copy here by clicking the image.


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